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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning in Franklin

Trees are a wonderful part of both manufactured and natural landscapes – they’re beautiful, impressive in stature and structure, and they’re surprisingly sturdy and redoubtable – but to reach their full potential, they need to be looked after by experienced landscapers. At Franklin Landscapers, we’re capable of carrying out high quality tree pruning service, and the magnitude of the positive impact that this service has on your trees might surprise you. Tree pruning needs to be carried out in very specific ways, otherwise it’s possible that you could do more harm than good – fortunately, our landscaping company is full of trained professionals who understand the complexities of this process. More information on this procedure, and the service that we provide, is available below – alternatively, our customer service agents are available to help you too.

Healthier Growth
Often, people are shocked to find out that tree pruning actually has a positive impact on the growth of the tree, and that’s not a surprise – seeing as we’re cutting off sections and removing some branches, it does look like perhaps it’s a destructive process. However, the reverse is true. Studies have definitively proven that tree pruning bolsters growth processes, giving the trees stronger branches, more lustrous leaves, and even better fruit and flower production. Additionally, trees which get professional tree pruning treatment are also more able to handle the attacks from tree diseases – which can be devastating for untreated, unprotected trees.

Aesthetic Benefits
The primary benefit of tree pruning is certainly that it positively influences the growth of the trees that it’s applied to, but that doesn’t mean it can’t help with the aesthetic of the structure too. We carry out cutting procedures in a way that enhances the natural shape and structure of the tree – which gives the most attractive look – and this also means that the tree is going to have a better structural balance as well. By removing broken, diseased, and dead branches, you’re not only improving the aesthetic of the tree, you’re actually helping to keep it healthier.

Property Protection
One other reason that you might want to consider tree pruning service through our company is that it can protect the rest of your property from harm. We love how trees grow and flourish, and while this is almost always a positive thing, it can do harm sometimes too. Encroaching branches could potentially damage other trees, buildings and constructions, and even utility lines – and tree pruning is an excellent way of stopping that from happening. This could even end up saving you thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive repairs of your property.

Professional Experience
It’s really important that you make sure that you’re getting an experienced service in to carry out the pruning procedures, because when they’re done incorrectly it can seriously damage your trees. These processes should only be done at certain times throughout the year and it specific places on the tree’s structure – and these details will vary depending on the species of the tree. Only a landscape and tree specialist will be able to reliably deliver results in this sphere.

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