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Sod & Seed Installation

Sod & Seed Installation in Franklin

Grass is one of the principally important aspect of any landscaped area – it’s the foundation from which other features can flourish and thrive – and so it really makes a difference when you have a healthy and happy sod installation. At Franklin Landscapers, we understand that it can be frustrating trying to get grass to grow effectively and reliably, but it doesn’t need to be something you’re tearing your hair out over. We can help with sod and seed installation processes that will guarantee you have attractive and sturdy installations for as long as you’re at the property. If you’re looking at having more grass areas installed on your property, or you need a service to start from scratch with yours, then read on below. Alternatively, you can book in a consultation with one of our teams by speaking to a customer service representative.

The Importance of Grass
So, why exactly does it matter so much that you have a grass area? These spaces are the ideal for spending time doing a number of activities – and there’s no other installation or landscaping area that can offer the versatility that’s on offer here. You can use grassy areas to relax and read, for dining and socializing, and of course, they’re great areas for playing sports and activities with your children and pets. For commercial properties in particular, this can be critically important.

Solid Foundations
Grass can have difficult periods during drought or hot weather, and when this happens, you might be worried about the survival of your installation – but if you get the initial settling period right, it stands a far better chance of making it through. Whether you want us to carry out sod installation or hydroseeding, you’re going to be giving your grass the best start to life at your property. We have all of the industry secrets at our disposal that make it much more likely that your grass will settle well, and beyond that, even thrive and flourish going forward. No other landscaping company in the area can offer the reliable results that we produce.

Sod Installation
Sod & seed installation procedures vary greatly, and picking which one to go for largely comes down to a matter of personal taste – since we believe we can achieve the same high quality results no matter what you go with. Sod installation is where you lay down rolls of turf, and this gives you instant results. This is a fairly labor intensive service, but at the end of it, you’ll have a lawn that you can be proud of.

The hydroseeding process is where we spray a mixture made up from water, fertilizer, and grass seed onto bare soil, and this has proven to be far more effective than regular grass seeding. It usually begins to show results after 7 to 10 days, and you can expect long term, sustainable growth that gives you an attractive and healthy lawn. It also tends to be cheaper than sod installation, which makes it a great choice if you’re on a tight budget.

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