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Irrigation in Franklin

Irrigation has a place of pride in the history books – it was this innovation that allowed society to advance in such an accelerated fashion – and it continues to be an important tool for us today. Landscapers use irrigation systems to help keep your plants, trees, and lawn in a healthy and happy condition, and if you’re not going to give serious consideration to having one installed on your property, it could be a real mistake. No other solution is as cost-effective or efficient as an irrigation system, regardless of the specific set-up that you decide to go for. We’re really well-versed in the installation and maintenance of irrigation systems, and we offer better value than any other landscaping company in this regard, so we make an obvious choice. Further details on this service can be found if you read on.

Irrigation Importance
So, why exactly is it so important that you invest your time and money in the implementation of irrigation for your property? It’s a good question – this isn’t the kind of feature that many people talk a lot about, but it is critically important. The single biggest factor in the health of your plants is their access to water, and irrigation systems are the principal way that you can give them reliable access. It’s important that they get just the right amount – too little and they’ll wilt, too much and they’ll drown. Irrigation systems give them a drip-feed which always supplies them with the perfect amount.

Efficient Performance
In certain places across the country, water is a scarce resource – so we need to be really careful with how much we’re using. Sustainable water use is good for the wider environment, and protects natural ecosystems from suffering during lean spells. Irrigation systems can be rigged to deliver the perfect amount of water, so no wastage is taking place. This kind of sustainable and responsible use of water is only possible through such systems – and this is a great feature for those of you that are environmentally conscious (like us!).

Bank Benefits
Water isn’t a freebie – it’s a utility that you pay for – and that means that you need to think carefully about your usage. We’ve already spoken about how the amount that you’re using impacts the environment, but it also makes sense to limit your water usage to protect your bank balance. More efficient watering means less water is used, and less water used means less money spent. This is a complete win-win situation for everybody involved.

Installation and Maintenance
At Franklin Landscapers, we’re adept at both irrigation installation and maintenance – which means that we will be there to help you from the off, and if you run into any problems, we are sure to fix them. We can monitor the amount of water that’s being used and adjust it accordingly for the benefit of your landscape, and if any malfunctions take place, we’ll get to the bottom of them. This kind of comprehensive service isn’t available through any other team in the region.

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